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Pineapple Charm Jewelry Set - IVF Support Gift

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Our Pineapple Charm Jewelry Set is an IVF support gift that women going the IVF process will appreciate. This set features a beautiful pineapple charm to represent the fertility symbol of pineapples. When you give this Pineapple Charm Gift Set to a loved one, it is your way of saying: I’m here for you.

Just like the fruit itself, the pineapple is a symbol of strength, fertility and promise. The pineapple reminds us that through hard times we can emerge from each storm stronger than before.

  • Features a gorgeous gift box with a poem.
  • Message Reads "The Pineapple - a symbol of hope for those trying to conceive. Like the pineapple, you have a tough outer shell. You are strong and you are brave. Always remember who you are. IVF doesn't define you. Keep this lucky charm as a reminder to never give up on your dreams".